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So, the state of Washington passed a law allowing homosexuals to register as couples. Heterosexual couples can also - if they are 65 or older. What does that mean for cohabiting heterosexual couples who are under 65? :(

Why is it that two same-sex individuals can register as a couple and get medical and insurance benefits and yet a heterosexual couple who has been together for almost a quarter century cannot. I have been with my Significant Other for over 22 years.

Does it mean I'm not old enough? Do I need to get my now-dead parents' approval and permission? What are the merits of a meretricious relationship over a homosexual relationship? Should my significant other and I go out and get same-sex partners and then register as separate couples?

I've got it! I will get another heterosexual couple who is under 65 and we will all go in together and register as same sex partners - I'll register with her - the boys will register with each other. And then we will go home with our heterosexual partner, fully registered, and live happily ever after!

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Rose said...

That is just crazy. The law shouldn't treat heterosexual couples any different.