Where is Palin's Passion?

I have figured out what bothers me about Sarah Palin. It’s not her memorized talking points. It’s not her pretty face and her hillbilly mannerisms.

She has no passion! That’s why she can’t make a comprehensive, comprehendible, and competent full sentence. Even Hillary Clinton had passion – for herself and continuing the “Clinton regime” and the power trip she was on.

I have no sports skills and no passion for sports. I read a book once on how to play tennis. I memorized every single page. I could spew out all the steps and techniques of playing tennis. Once on the court I couldn’t hit a ball over the net to save my soul. No passion. What was bad sports on my part is poor politics on Palin’s part.

Ask me though about how I feel about how far women have come in my generation (I am 59, to give you a hint) and I can talk your ears off with my decades of purposeful intent and sincere dedication to coming into my own alone and by myself. I am passionate!

I am passionate about my kids – adult men in their 30s. I am passionate about my network of women. I am passionate about excelling at my job as a legal secretary and the professionalism I add to it. I am passionate about my approach to everything in my life – from my attitude, my outlook, and my future.

Take away Palin’s cue cards and she is just a hillbilly.



Cheryl said...

Oh, but my dearest Jeanie...with all due respect, you're perfectly wrong. Palin does have one passion that you've overlooked...Palin is passionate about WINNING! And she will spew lies, avoid answering direct questions and pound home her mavericky maverickness until the cows come home!

Can't stand her hillbilly ways either - totally disgusted by her! She's a pawn, and either too naive, too unintelligent or too egotistical to realize it.

I'm Playwright Chick & I approve this message! Arrrggghh!! Cher

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Sarah Palin inspires hatred and vitriol from women ? I do not see this from men, but from her "fellow" women there is a pure form of vile saved just for her.
Smells alot like partisanship.
Or is it something else indeed ?
Just a thought Jeanie
David Elton
PS....Love your stuff here and at CommComm.....Just curious about the special hate for Palin.

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't hate her, but I do not agree with her politics and I think that her assumption that she represents ME and other women is beyond blatant.

Her politics look suspect from the outside looking in, she's inexperienced and don't get me started on the filthy lies she's telling at the 'stumps', and as Cheryl states above, she is an obvious pawn - a grab for the 18 Million 'Hillary' votes.

Please don't make the typical male assumption that some of us are saving some sort of pure form of vile just because we are exercising our rights to dislike a candidate.

For McCain to think that Hillary supporters would blindly change their votes because Palin has a vagina is not only as crude as it sounds, but shows clearly just how out of touch McCain is....blah, blah, blah, I could preach to you all day, David, but you're clearly a Republican and therefore beyond reasoning with. I should start my own blog dedicated to Palin's ridiculously, untrue statements, her ability to dodge a question, and her obvious inability to debate - instead choosing to spout her memorized, & need I say often incorrect, statistics. Kendra Trendell

al said...

I've had difficulty describing what it is about Palin that smacks so phoney. I think hillbilly is very good. Bush has the same hillbilly air about him. That is not a quality I want other nations to see in our leadership. Hillbilly says to me, "I'm really too stupid to understand structures and syntax's of my own language".

Another things I've seen in her mannerisms, the fast talking, the quick winks and head nods. That is exactly what I see in people who are trying to sell me something I am really skeptical of. The type that work behind the glaring floods at the fair. They roll out their droll spiel and never really see the people who are listening to them.

Palin is a phony, a sham and a con artist.

Anonymous said...

Holy-moly! Can I call you David, David? Smells like partisanship? Say it ain't so Joe! (I mean David) That's not what I smell. I smell the same old double standard that's been prevelant in our society for years, based on: If a man is difficult, he's demanding...but if a woman is difficult, she's a B*@!H. So, here we go, if a man dislikes Palin, he has his reasons, if a woman dislikes her, she's reserving a 'pure form of vile just for her [Palin]'. Same old, same old.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it IS something else, indeed. And not what you think, or meant to imply, whatever THAT was supposed to mean.

Shannon - former Republican