I'm just curious if Don Wakamatsu, now former Manager of the Seattle Mariners, is sharing the same boat I am in, called Unemployment Compensation. Does he have to look for three similar jobs, e.g., Managing a national baseball league.

Inquiring minds want to know.



Ten Annoying Things About Garage Sales

1. No price tags
2. No signs
3. Signs with teeny tiny print so small you have to stop your car, get out of the car, lift up the box, and bring it to your face to read it.
4. Signs without addresses
5. Phantom signs – those are the stupid signs that stupid people leave on the corner long after the garage sale is over. I’d pick up the stupid signs and throw them in the offending lawns but I’d only be doing the stupid people a favor. I passed the same sign today that I’ve passed for the last five days and have yet to find the Huge DVDs and Much More Sale – and it even has the address. Nobody’s home. Curtains are closed. No car in the driveway. Maybe it’s some frenemy making a sick joke.
6. “HUGE Multi-family yard sale” which actually means, baby clothes, baby clothes, baby clothes, baby clothes. (Of course, if my adult sons would cooperate and make me a grandma, I would be cherishing all the baby clothes I could find. After all – baby clothes don’t hardly get used long enough to take the new off)
7. “Estate Sale” which actually means “we are cleaning out our house and this is the stuff we don’t want” including unwashed dishes.
8. Some people’s garbage is still garbage.
9. Clothes, baskets, and flower vases.
10. Asking the seller what he wants for something and he turns around and asks “what do you think it’s worth?”