Imagine If. . . .

If I could imagine a perfect relationship.

I would envision someone very kind and gentle.

Someone who spoke to me with joy in his eyes.

Someone who would want my peace and my happiness as his priority;

Someone who would inspire me with his personal faith and belief;

A man who loves God and lives by His principles of absolute and unconditional love;

He follows 1 Corinthians:

He is patient.  He is kind.  He is not a braggart.  He is not egotistical.  He is not rude.  He is not selfish.  He doesn't lose his temper.  He takes no pleasure in evil but rejoices in the truth. He bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. His love never fails. 

He adores me and lights up when I walk in the room.  He enjoys my company.  He listens to my complaints with objectivity and always has a gentle way of letting me see the upside of a situation.

He loves his friends and he never says a disparaging word about them.

He cares for all people who come into his life.  He treats all women with respect and kindness.  He admires and loves his friends and wants them to be happy and content and feeling good about themselves.  He praises their accomplishments and is gentle and kind when helping them improve on something.  He does not degrade his friendships with offensive language.

He has compassion and understanding and empathy.

He makes me feel so good about myself.  Even my face and my hair, my body, my hands, my voice - he makes me feel free and uninhibited.

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