Dare to be Exceptional

Definition of Exceptional: Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary: exceptional, extraordinary, magnificent, outstanding, preeminent, rare, remarkable, singular, towering, uncommon, unusual, standout, awesome, out of sight.

I am a legal assistant – by definition. I multi-task a myriad of projects, I am a travel agent, booking countless flights and then changing those same flights and rebooking new flights and generally circumventing all the rules made for booking flights. I do everything but fly the plane.

I am capable of reading minds and foretelling the future. Case in point is filing. Filing is about 98.99% of my job. (just kidding – but because I love filing so much I like to save it and spend one whole day doing nothing but filing. This is no reflection on my organizational abilities.)

I am adept at finding files, categorizing files, sorting files, opening new files, filing files, re-filing files, and {sigh} closing files to archived files being sure to have a reference card on file so I can retrieve the archived file to file with the ongoing files because the attorney changed his mind about closing the file {double sigh}. I also keep track of the files in my attorney’s office that he keeps in his own peculiar order according to date worked on, cases referred to, and other methods I have not quite zeroed in on, although they are absolutely never ever filed alphabetically or numerically. These files are in various places: on the table, under the table, on the couch, under the couch, in boxes, on the credenza. Very rarely are two files for the same client filed in the same chair/table/floor/cubby hole — together. If I suggest putting in a filing cabinet in his office, his face falls and he says “but I would never FIND anything!” So, every morning I do a walk through his office and memorize where all the files are that we are working on right now. I have two attorneys that file the same way. I do not have a photographic memory.

I prioritize all my jobs so that each attorney thinks he is number one or the only one. At the end of the day, I sleep well with my conscience clear, and the next day I put on a freshly ironed Wonder Woman Cape and do it all over again.


JeanC said...

Hi :) JeanC from HBO. I think you'll like Blogger better then Yahoo360, if only it because it is less cluttered then 360 and similar services (not too mention I too hate the way 360 announces stuff to the world :P). Once you get it figured out, you can customize it to your hearts content.

JeanieSpokane said...

Thank you so much for checking me out. My very first comment. Should I print it? Frame it? Bronze it? :)

I checked your site too and I think you and I are sisters. I am cat crazy - and unfortunately I am an orphan right now. My entire life I have had a *minimum* of three cats and one dog.

My kitty, Squeaky (because, well, she squeaked) was 18 years old when she went off somewhere (your Rainbow Bridge sounds lovely, so that is where Squeaky went.) She was a medium hair tortie and absolutely adorable. She loved me to no end. I miss her terribly. She could fetch! She was very particular - she would fetch dollar bills (or fives or tens) but not plain paper. "We have standards." She also loved weird things like cantaloupe and angel food cake. She was pretty good and sitting back on any other food - but those two items were HERS. She'd steal it right out of your mouth. Thanks again, Jean. Kind of silly, I know - but I think I'll like it.

Dave said...

Good morning, Jeanie...

It's the beginning of my "quiet time" which I believe I have explained often enough by now it should be pretty well tacit.

I'll try and navigate back this way later on today, once things die down to a dull roar.