And now for a commercial break……

Sometimes in the evenings, after I have finished all my tasks, I truly enjoy just cuddling next to my significant other, sitting back, and watching something good on television. But then we have to endure the commercials. Is it only me – are commercials really deep down stupid and idiotic? I mean, don't they just beg you to leave the room and get something to eat or drink, or just get out of the room! Or hit the mute button – and then they really look moronic.

My all-time waste-of-my time commercials are for Erectile Dysfunction Disorder. I'm sorry, guys, but I just don't care! And I'm an equal opportunity discontent commercial watcher – I don't care about tampons, feminine lubricant, leaky bladders, or stress headaches, either. But the Cialis commercials are on top of my make-me-shudder scale. The music for one thing. The obvious sexual undertone for another. (I'm not letting my 85 year old mother-in-law watch THAT crap!) And what's with the two individual bathtubs???? You're telling me that the couple gets hot and heavy, has sex, and then they go down to the beach and climb into two separate bathtubs and hold hands and watch the sunset? That's romantic? Personally, I think it is far more intimate and romantic to share ONE bathtub. You might even just toss that Cialis away. The warm bubbly bathtub filled with musky scents and oils will perk you right up! Guaranteed.

So, I'm in the back room, folding clothes and I hear the familiar Cialis melody. Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! And then a voice is saying something about getting a "bigger package" and I'm on alert. Are there any "little" ears watching this? And the voice goes on to "warn" you of the amazing benefits of upgrading to an even "bigger package" and "my wife has never been so happy," and THEN, "my neighbors are really impressed!"

Say what?

So I run out to the living room to hit the mute or smack the off button or just toss the television onto the floor – when I see STARZ filling the screen and realize it's on cable – promoting and upgrade to Starz. And as the camera pans across the screen, there, are those same two bath tubs, overlooking the city lights below.




Bay Views said...

I totally agree with you regarding the distasteful features in sexual ads. Personally, though I have remarked about the twin bathtubs, also, I thought the guy throwing the football through the tire was a bit too graphic, also. The mystique is being taken out of sex, and that is sad. That pharmaceutical help is welcome to some of us older types, it perhaps could have stayed between me and my urologist. As to the technique of inserting a tampon, I rest my case. Just because we all know about bodily functions, doesn't necessitate the constant review of them. Perhaps we could designate these subjects back to health class is school.

JeanieSpokane said...

My mother-in-law has little to entertain her - and she positively lights up during commercials! She will see an ad for some med and want to know if she needs that particular med - whether it's for PMS, enlarged prostrate, or EDD. :)

Richard said...

Hello Jeanie,
i came to your blog via twaddle which I came to via Betty at Old Dog New Trick. I met Betty through Raven's nest writing site and we're both elderbloggers and she's a hoot and a half. Anyway....Why am I writing this comment to you/

I lived in Spokane on and off for nine years. My Dad would move us out there from Alabama, get homesick or something and move us back to the south, then turn around and move us back to Spokane.

I lived on Rowan street and went to Loma Vista Elementary (no longer exists, though I don't know when it was torn down or fell down)

I also attended Jonas E. Salk junior high and attended my first year of high school at Shadle Park High.

Just wanted to touch base with someone from Spokane.


nic said...

you mentioned something on HBO about Obama rumors... here's the link to Snopes article: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/anthem.asp

Actually, if you search for "Obama" in Snopes, you can finds several stories debunking popular Obama myths.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I love those Cialis ads...as well as Viagra...I love those gentle reminders that are so subtle.

Like a sledgehammer to the temple

David Elton

Al said...

I reprogrammed my remote with what I call "The Magic Button". I record (DVR) most everything I watch. When ads come on I simply hit The Magic Button and advance 30 seconds. 4 or 5 (or 8 or 10) hits and I'm back to the program. I actually haven't seen an ad since.


Anonymous said...

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