At the Beach!

Really. I'm at the beach! So, no stories from me this week. I'll write them in my head while I'm on the beach exploring the little nooks and crannies in the rocks for sea life. In my younger days (like just four years ago), I was a death-defying adventuress and climbed cliffs, and hung onto trees while taking pictures of lighthouses from above the lighthouse lens. That is until the thought flipped through my brain that if I ever fell from one of these precarious perches (and I would do this with only my camera as my companion), I would never be found. Ever. Anyway - I'm off to the beach. And I won't be thinking about work, blogs, chores, duties, tasks, to-do lists, etc.


MichaƩle said...

Okay, rub it in why doncha! I would have been at the lake today but "had" to attend my neice's son's birthday party (she gave him up for adoption but still is pretty involved with the family) but still, guilt got the best of us and so the lake house sits empty today while we eat sickingly sweet cake in a park watching a 3-year-old dive into presents he won't remember tomorrow.

Me? Bitter? Na!!!!!! heehee!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

HOW I ENVY YOU lol.......... hope your having the most super of times....... relax and recharge and take photos :)