Can you get to the point in 55 words exactly????

I found a site that has a little noncompetitive contest (ha!!) that is a 55-word story.

Check here

I thought Huckleberries (see side bar) has such fine (prolific) writers that this would be enjoyable. In fact, the site I found celebrates "55 Flash Fridays". We could do something like 55-word Hump Day Stories. Or something. Here's a couple!

My Excuse (by a 10-year-old girl)

I had my map of the 50 states in 50 different colors with all the correct capitals in florescent ink when this huge, opera singing elephant leapt out of the bushes and blew my map into a puddle and it dissolved right there and that’s why I don’t have my homework done. That’s the truth!

And another if that is too fluffy for you:

The Angel frantically ran past the Pearly Gates, across the gold cobbled stones, and up the golden staircase, screaming “Heaven is ending! Heaven is ending!" Other Angels tried to comfort her but she was beside herself with fear. God finally touched her. “Fear not,” He calmly said. “Heaven is still here. It has not . . . “ phffffft!


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G-Man said...

Jeannie...You are cordially invited to participate in our little group. There is a lot of talent, and you'll meet lots of new friends. Please, give it a try....Galen