And so it begins. . .

I was blithely going through my day, the normal humdrum of filing, typing, cataloging, typing, time entry, bla bla, more typing, and arrived home to the mail:

A packet starting with the ominous "The Journey of Transplant Evaluation."

O boy.

It's several pages and forms to fill out to start the process of being evaluated to be placed on a kidney transplant list.

I'm half excited about this. Actually I feel too good to really be considered for a transplant. I'll probably go along like I do in sports - and be the last one on the list. Who knows? Evidently my doctor sent my name in to the transplant center - and also to social security. Did you know that I might be able to get Medicaid?

I'm half overwhelmed, too. I'll meet with a team of people - the transplant surgeon, transplant nurse coordinator, social worker, and dietitian. I'll have all kinds of tests done: dental, colonoscopy (well, I've kind of been looking for an excuse to have one done, other than having it done just because I'm "old"), EKG, ECG, Ultrasound, cardiology, vascular, CT, besides draining me of my blood for chemistries, serologies, microbiologies, and cancer markers. Heck, once I pass all of these tests with flying colors, I should be able to live totally free of kidneys - who needs a kidney when everything else is working so well! Well, maybe not.

But what if I fail these tests or it shows something else.

Anyway - here I go, off into the dark world of medical tests on every single cell in my body.

It beats dialysis any day!



Kendra said...

Jeanie, you're now added to my lately lengthy list of my prayers for those of who've gotten sucked into the medical system for one reason or another.
One of the many things wrong with my grandmother, who's been in KMC for the last couple weeks hanging by a thread, is her almost total renal failure- for a long time, though, she was able to maintain stability via a bi-monthly shot called Procrit. (sp?)
Maybe that would be an option for you?
Anyway, best wishes and also many thanks for your warm welcome of my return to HBO. :-)

MarmiteToasty said...

WOW..... over here you dont get any chance of all that until you have been on dialysis for yonks and then only when you get real poorly....

My hopes and well wishes are with you...