No Pressure

People are fairly used to seeing me upbeat and positive. I strive to have a good attitude about everything. In working up a mission statement for myself, I came up with this unbelievably high standard, even for me, to “Live to Inspire.”

No pressure.

And then dialysis became a key integral part of my life – in fact, life saving. Now that I have come to that albatross looking so much like Mount Everest, and unconquerable, I have found the experience to be downright pleasant and restful. Absolutely no pressure!

And then, recently, I actually had No Pressure!!! I’m sitting there minding my own business, watching something banal on tv, when the alarms on my dialysis machine go off, red letter warning signs are flashing, and I look over and see my pressure is 80 over 40. Whoa!! That is very low pressure. Heart’s barely beating at 40 beats per minute. And I’m thinking it must be someone else’s machine, because I feel pretty good - not like I'm going to beat my last heart beat in about 30 more seconds. But no, it’s ME! Then every 15 minute checks start and it’s STILL going down. So they quickly stop the dialysis, give me extra fluids to replace the fluids they removed, and I start to feel normal again.

Talk about pressure.

And then the next time, well, I’ve got pressure to spare. I could give my pressure to several people and still have enough left over to keep my heart beating. The heat’s on, I’m thinking to myself. The pressure is on. And rising. 260 over 120. Stroke time. And with my doctor arriving, the pressure doesn’t ease one little bit. Finally, dialysis is over and I’m told to wait until that top number goes down below 200.

No pressure there. I wait. And I wait. And my anxiety is just exploding and I’m thinking that there is no positive thought powerful enough to calm me down. And I wait. Wait some more. And finally, after exactly 60 minutes, it hit 198 over 98 and I kicked back my chair and ran out of the building.

The last two times were perfect – 120 over 60. Heavy sigh.

There’s no pressure like worrying about your blood pressure and then having no blood pressure makes No Pressure a high anxiety stressing hope-I-don’t-die type of heavy duty pressure.

Hopefully, a weekend with friends at Blogfest 2010 will ease all that pressure!



Anonymous said...

Well did it?
Though I think hiding out in a corner with Mechanic Man is totally cheating!

JeanieSpokane said...

((Cindy)) It worked! Friends, and laughter, and snuggling next to Mechanic Man did wonders. Not to mention the four (or six) chocolate chip cookies I wolfed (and didn't share).

Dave Laird said...

Oh, but it was SO NICE just sitting with the two of you and wolfing down those cookies. It was simply lovely seeing you sparkle once again.

JeanieSpokane said...

It was good to see you and Suzie, too! The Blogfest is truly a sense of community! :)