Mechanic's Helper, Second Half

Mechanic Man begged for my help, I was so good last time. (You have to read this first.) Not really as a mechanic's helper but as a demolition expert. Just call me Ms. Demo. We are taking apart walls at the Ziggy's that is closing on Market. For our labor, we get to keep the wood and particle boards.

I haven't lifted a hammer in my entire life. So, I have been pounding out nails and wrenching out nails since 10:00 this morning. Finished at 5:00.

Hit my head three times with the crow bar, trying to wrench nails loose. So, I guess I can't make fun of Mechanic Man whacking himself with a sledge hammer. Smacked my lip once. After four or five hours of this fun, Mechanic Man looked at me and said, what happened to you??? Blood on my lip, goose-egg on my forehead, bruise on my cheek. I looked like someone beat me up.

The plus side of this - instead of calling me his pet name of Chunkie Butt (we won't go there), he is calling me Cupcake.

That makes me feel like the hammer isn't so heavy after all.

We start again in the morning. I figure it's about five parts hard labor for one part wood product.

So, I guess I am fairly easy to be your slave - if you call me Cupcake. By the way, I may not be writing tomorrow since I can barely move my fingers and could hardly open my bottle of Tylenol. I may not even be able to lift a hammer tomorrow so Mechanic Man better store up a lot of Cupcake calling.


Al said...

So, on the hottest day last Summer I replaced Mary's clutch. She came down to the barn to "help". She showed up in her clean shoes, clean pants, clean top. To her credit she stayed throughout the entire job (about 8 hours) and did come up with a way to get the 90 weight oil back into the trans-axle.

MarmiteToasty said...

so dear you, what ya gonna do with the second hand wood?

we call cupcakes 'fairy cakes' :)


JeanieSpokane said...

Marmie - I really miss you!

We are going to rehabilitate the house we live in. If it had to be inspected, it would fail. We'll try to do this unobserved so we don't have to pay stupid permit fees. I'm looking forward to it.