How Can You Downsize and Rent Out Your House While Suffering From ADD and Possibly Alzheimer’s

Disorganized Pandemonium


It’s All Trisha’s Fault.

It all started with an article by Trisha on downsizing or organizing your STUFF. Like books.

I started well enough by going through my closet and weeding out all the dresses and business clothes since I don’t work and will probably never work again. And then something caught my eye – my jewelry from when I was a Cookie Lee dealer and so pretty soon, I was on the bed, sorting through all the jewelry I haven’t sold and won’t wear and maybe I’ll try to sell – oh! And there, I found a bracelet that I probably WILL wear and so I looked for something to – oh! An organizing tool box with little cubbyholes, just right for jewelry and so – oh! There are the dress suits I bought when I was a size 8, never to be that thin again unless I stop eating for a month. What to do. What to do. And then as I’m walking through the kitchen with the suits to put in bags for the Women’s Transition Center, I see a couple dirty dishes and I stop and fill the sink, wash the dishes that I have slowly accrued since I am only at the house once a week. And then I walk back in the bedroom – oh! The tool box is sitting there open and empty and I start sorting through the jewelry again and pull out just enough pieces for me to personally wear sometime in the next 20-30 years. And then I see the book case, and start sorting out the books I want to keep with the books I want to give to Goodwill. And then I spy the huge flower vase full of coins and next to it the empty coin rolls to fill and I start sorting the quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies and . . .

Four hours later I have a huge pile of books, dresses, jewelry, rolled up coins and – oh! All those bottles in the utility room. What to do! What to do! What to do!


Al said...

Just like doing "research on the internet. I swear when I started I had a specific goal in mind...45 minutes later I have no clue why I logged on in the first place.

MarmiteToasty said...

:) ebay it all... Ive been trying to put 3 things on ebay every day, starting mainly with some of the thousands of toys and baby/childrens equipment/books I have here, even if I get me number of minded children back up proper there is no way in hell I need so much equipment, I have enough here to open a pre-school twice over lol - oh half of it is from the pre-school I use to own and run LOL

slowly but surely things are going on ebay, and as fast as I ebay things people keep giving me more toys lmfao.... so as not to offend them I accept them and they to have gone on ebay LOL there is only so many boxes of lego and action men and sticklebricks and dressing up clothes and so the list goes on, one needs....

I ebay first then if it done go I bag it up for the charity shops in town..


MarmiteToasty said...

ps....... I can sell sand to the arabs on ebay :)