Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Birds & Bees

So, I checked out my newspaper box (the old orange SR box), and it was covered in Lady Bugs, my favorite little critter of all. I always think of them as pretty little ladies, prim and proper. But before my eyes, I see that all of these Lady Bugs are in pairs - one on top of the other. I clapped my hand over my mouth when it suddenly occurred to me that they were. . . . . . .


Oh my God, that's almost like when I found out my parents "did it." (This was early puberty and after the initial shock, it didn't bother me any more, except I really didn't want to go into their bedroom for anything.)

So, I left the paper in the box and came into the house. I think they need their privacy.

Who knew????

(It is a little disturbing to realize that Lady Bugs aren't all ladies.)


Zach Hunt - Personal Trainer Spokane said...

Haha! That's funny! Well same thing happened to me, except I didn't just see it on the newspaper, I saw it with my very own eyes. But it was a cockroach, I didn't know how to react. But it looked really weird!

JeanieSpokane said...

Glad to see you still read me, Zach. I've kind of gotten in a rut lately - and what little humor I find is a novelty anymore. I need more ladybugs.