Viral Mother-in-Law

Wow - just read this on Yahoo: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/mother-in-law-sends-worst-email-ever-to-bride-forgivable-2504517/Viral Future Mother-in-Law

And the wedding hasn't even happened yet.

It reminds me of a meeting with my future mother-in-law - not nearly so horrid, and she has mellowed with time and is now a pleasant frail little old lady.

But that meeting was one for the books. We had gone to my parents first and my future hubby did all the old fashioned things - like actually asking my Dad for permission to marry me. And then they had the usual back and forth conversation, like, "How do you expect to support my daughter?" "What if she gets pregnant before you two graduate?" (We were both juniors in college and would have one more year to go before graduating.)

Then we went to his parents, and while my future father-in-law was dizzy with pleasure at gaining a new daughter that he thought was sweet as pie, my future mother-in-law grilled me much more intensely than my Dad grilled my future husband. She wanted to know how I was going to support my husband if I (shock of shocks) DARED to get pregnant before we graduated. And it went down hill from there. Like, "Do you even know how to cook?"

We married, graduated, had two children, and seven years later (when the boys were 2 and 3), he left for another relationship - and it had nothing to do with my cooking.

Later, at his Dad's funeral, my ex-husband told me that I was the lucky one because I got to divorce his whole family. (I kind of thought of that, once the divorce was final. There are some things you are really pleased to lose.)


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