Cat's Meow

I have been kind of Jealous of my friend, Cindy’s, cat stories. First there was Milo and all his cute little kitty ways. Then there was the appropriately named Thor. And pictures.

I wanted them to be my kitties. I miss the purring, the cuddling, the antics, and all the funny ways of a cat.

Then I thought I would focus my thoughts on imagining a cat coming to me, like a kitty magnet. {Mentally sitting in a lotus position, quietly humming – maybe even purring – and viola, the Kitty God would smile upon me and a potty-trained kitty would knock on my door.}

I have tried this mental exercise for two, three years. How old is Milo, anyway?

So, I came home from doing laundry Sunday afternoon and hear this meowing. I meow back.



And then appears before my wondering eyes, a little fluffy black kitty. And she LOVES me! Right off the bat. Love at first sight.

I brought her in and she made herself comfortable on the couch. Then on a chair. Then on Mechanic Man – and like Goldilocks, she found the most comfortable place. Snuggled right up to Mechanic Man’s neck, purring quietly, as if she has always been there.

Her name is Gracie (named by Mechanic Man, who adamantly stated that we had no room for a cat).

I must get a digital camera and post competitive shots of MY kitty.


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