It's a Miracle!

Wow! Life has gone full circle for me. My son and his wife had twins a week ago. I finally was able to get there two days later and spend the whole day holding one baby or the other, or better yet, both!

I watched my son, my baby, take on this new role of Double-Duty Daddy and was in awe. The miracle that I once carried was now nurturing his two children that was totally awesome!

We all want to be better parents than our own parents. I think it's kind of normal. But to actually see that in my son - that he showed the epitome of unconditional love to each child was breathless. He had no father to emulate and his God-like loving of his new babies came from within. Came naturally.

This is the son that caused me much heartbreak in his teens. This is the son who always tells me how sorry he is that this heartbreak happened. This is the son who, when he got married, was probably the happiest groom on this planet! This is the son, with tattoos all over his arms, who gently held a baby and cooed at him or her and told them what a wonderful baby they were. He has changed 16 diapers so far. He is holding a baby all the time.

And the same for his wife, my daughter-in-law. She could BE my daughter. She came into our lives and I swear to God that she saved my son's life.

She also was cooing and praising her babies - each separately and individually. "My little man." "There's my little princess."

What a miracle!!! They are so beautiful - all four.

I'm greatly blessed.


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