No Resolutions Necessary

As the New Year appears right around the corner, I can honestly say, for 2012, Thank God That’s Over.  And I mean, I pray thanks to God that this year is over.

Not that I’ve had a bad year, mind you, but I believe I have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  And true to His Word, God was with me the whole time.  I came out of that walk with a new purpose. 

I started having severe health problems in June – ending up with two separate (but identical) bacterial staph infections of my heart.  In between these very serious, life-threatening illnesses, I got well enough to have my over-grown kidneys removed (and the one little cancerous cell, to boot).

After six weeks of recuperating from surgery, the second staph infection attacked, damaging a little hole in my heart.  I ended up having open heart surgery to patch that hole and to clean up bacteria that had settled on one of my heart valves. 

I think it’s possible that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason – a gift, a lesson, a blessing, something positive.  I have a new attitude – and that is an attitude of gratitude.  I am thankful that everything happened because it changed me.  I am kinder to friends and strangers.  I am patient with people who struggle with little things (like the lady in front of me at the store, fumbling with no success to get her receipt and cash and change back in the appropriate places in her purse – mainly because I know that I am the next lady in line that is going to be doing that same finger dance until I am so frustrated that I just toss the whole wad into my purse knowing that the next time I have to pay for something, I’ll have to wrestle wrinkled receipts, twisted dollars, and loose change before I get to my wallet).  I talk to God more.  I ask when I need help.  I am thankful for the help I receive.  And I praise God for being so awesome.

Bring on the new year!  I have no resolutions to make.  They were made for me by circumstances beyond my control.  I came out of the shadow of death and feel like I’m standing on top of a mountain.

So, bring on the new year and whatever roller-coaster ride it becomes!  I’m on it!


Temporary Lull

I know some people still check out my site - but lately I've just not had the creative wit in me.

After my summer of in-and-out hospital visits and surgeries, I have a different perspective on life.  Mostly, I am exuberant to even be alive.  I had a couple close calls this summer, and I remember having absolutely no energy but wanting desperately to clean my house and find my Will.  Silly.

I have much to be grateful for - in particular, my new grandbabies, Hunter and Abigail.  But I've only seen them three times in the last four months.  It's been sad and wonderful at the same time.  I am in awe when I see them and my heart breaks when I don't.

Recently the son of an older friend came to my door with her Christmas card in his hands.  She died on December 11, suddenly and without lingering or pain, but still.....  The loss is thick.  She was my mother-in-law's best friend and when she passed away, she became my best friend.  20 years older than me.

There has been a lot of loss lately - added to that the overwhelming loss in the United States with the deaths of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut this week.

The pen just isn't flowing.

We need healing.  Lots of healing.