Writing About Nothing

Sheesh - I've written nothing in the new year.  Bet you think I fell off the earth or something.

I cannot believe how time flies when I have nothing but mundane things to do with my day - all boiling down to dialysis.  I really, really try not to make it a priority in my life but on the other hand, it is a necessary evil to make it my number one focus.  There's all that food to NOT eat.  There's the blood pressure.  The heart rate.  Will the sites work TODAY.  And then, after having my kidneys removed, there's all that water to NOT drink.  The rule of thumb for my little food diary is, "if you like it, you can't have it."  Foods with potassium (think any citrus fruit, chocolate, dairy).  Foods with phosphorous (meat, eggs, dairy, actually anything you can think of).  I am limited to 20 oz of fluid a day (including soup, jello, ice cream, ice, alcohol).

I am my own bobblehead.

I plan out my food and liquid.  So - if I have dinner with the girls on Wednesday - I won't eat all day but I'll enjoy a steak and salad with my friends AND a coveted cocktail.  Lemon Drops are only 4 oz.  Woo Hoo.

In the meantime, I'm not writing.  Why is that?  Things have shifted so much in my life and the creativity gene just isn't functioning.

Just know that I am plugging along and actually feeling darned healthy!  If I could just have a second brain to worry about all that icky potassium and phosphorous and sodium stuff.

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