My Left Kidney

After reading several stories recently about individuals on dialysis and their different methods of seeking a kidney transplant, I have decided to join the growing crowd.  So I am modifying my blog, which I started as a series of stories about my kids when they were little.  Then, over the last three years, my blog has drifted to focus entirely on me.  And my kidneys.

I have gone through three years of transplant testing and during that process, it was discovered that I had a tiny spot of cancer in my left kidney.  Eventually, I had both kidneys removed because they were so large (18 pounds total).

I have been on dialysis for three and a half years, starting in September of 2009.  I lost my job as a result two months later.  Since then, it has been almost a full-time job just to balance my weight, the fluid I consume, my blood pressure medications.  It's a rollercoaster.  I will have a couple weeks, where everything is just right.  And then something will tilt and I'll have extra weight or higher blood pressure or my blood pressure will crash.  Then I'll spend a few weeks adjusting my weight again, adjusting how much fluid is removed during dialysis, and how low my blood pressure is when I end my session.  And finally, again, I'll reach a point where I think, this is just right.  But Murphy's Law prevails.  And none of us (my seatmates) is exempt.

So - this blog is slightly revamped now.  We'll see how this goes.

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