I am thinking of many things this Christmas 2008. I have many losses this year and it is more poignant at Christmas – missing my parents, missing the childhood days of traditions at Christmas and the total unbelievable excitement that permeated the air and made all of us giddy.

I miss the infancy of my oldest child, who was born 15 days before Christmas. The birth of Jesus never meant more to me than at that time. I was filled with awe thinking of Mary giving birth in a barn; thinking about the future of her baby and that he would become my Lord. I am remembering holding my new little baby on Christmas Day, dressed in a red and white sleeper with a Santa hat, looking more beautiful than the Gerber baby! I was the envy of the entire world! I think of Christmas as birth, as a new beginning, a fresh start, the dawn of HOPE.

I want to grasp this HOPE and clutch it tight to my chest, let it carry me forward through 2009. This is my goal today, now. To bring this HOPE to the new year like a flaming torch.



MarmiteToasty said...

Much love and peace to you dear Jeanie - much has happened her to this past year... in one way Im glad the year is almost at and end and I have hope for the coming year... I have to cling on to that hope.... as you will.....

HAPPY CRIMBO dear you..... know I will be thinking of you tomorrow...

peace love and happiness always....


Beth Terry said...

Jeanie - much love and happiness to you today and always. I love your story about your baby at Christmas. I remember the year my dad died. I was in the crowded Hawaii church for the midnight service, feeling very sad and lonely. Due to the crowd, people were lining up on the stairs of the amphitheater-style church. I heard a rustling at my feet, and there, on the floor next to me, a young mother had laid her brand new infant all wrapped in "swaddling clothes". It was a tap on the shoulder from God. A reminder that the world will go on. Hope incarnate.

We need all the Hope we can find these days. Keep sharing your memories. They fuel the fires of Hope!

Christmas Blessings to you and yours,

PS - don't forget to change my Blog link to CactusWrangler.com ... my gift this year was to allow Tamara Petterson to use corp cowgirl and I changed mine... ;-D