Friend or Foe?

So, I'm driving along the freeway to work, blithley happy in a new day, content in my life, when a commercial comes on for the Baby Fair this weekend, "sponsored by marriage-friendly communities."

Marriage-friendly communities???? What the heck does THAT mean. Are there unfriendly single communities? Are their communities that are NOT friendly with marriage? What about communities like mine that aren't married but aren't single either?


Does that mean I have enemies to my unmarriage with my significant other? Like, I can't shop at their stores, can't walk on their sidewalks, I have to get off the bus right at the line where . . . . unmarriage ends and marriage begins. How can I tell? And what does this mean for the unmarried mother – is she prohibited from going to the Baby Fair because the marriage-friendly communities have shunned her, right out of the stone age – gee, maybe they'll throw stones?

Now I've arrived at work all grumpy and cantankerous. And paranoid! All those marriage-friendly communities hissing through their teeth as I walk by.


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