When is Ignorance Not Bliss?

Recently things have happened to remind me that I am still na├»ve and gullible. How gullible?? Oh, you just wouldn't believe it. People who know me, know to never be sarcastic with me because I take them literally. I think everyone is honest and straightforward and no matter how often they fabricate something and I believe them wholeheartedly, I keep on thinking good thoughts about them – that they are still honest and straightforward. I had a boyfriend once, after I had divorced my husband, who took this "ailment" I have as far as he thought he could.

I had been going out with "Jim" for only a month or so when I made a picnic dinner which included potato salad; my famous potato salad that everyone I know asks me to bring to pot lucks. After dinner, he called me the next day to say he thought he had food poisoning.

"What kind of potatoes did you use?" he asked.

"Well, regular Idaho potatoes," I said.

"Were they male or female potatoes?" he queried.

Uh, I don't know a male potato from a female potato. I mean, do female potatoes have dents and male potatoes have bumps?

"I'm so sorry," I apologized, "Maybe male potatoes. . . ??"

And then we went back and forth that my boys didn't get sick and neither did I, and him saying that it only affects adult males.

"That's it! " he exclaimed, "I'm allergic to male potatoes."


Then there was the time that I was cleaning his house and he called me to remind me to feed the fish.

"What fish?"

"The ones in my water bed."

"You have fish in your water bed???"

"Yeah. They eat the algae and keep the water clean so I don't have to change it."



Anonymous said...

A fish in the waterbed? I love that one and none of my offspring ever came up with it.

jantri said...

Did you know that GULLIBLE is not in the dictionary??

MarmiteToasty said...

I can be gullible at times, like the time I was in Wisconstance visiting me maties and got bitten 170 times by mossies and ended up in hospital and not being allowed to fly home for 4 more days.... well, with all that me matie that lives in florida told me that in florida they have mossies the size of humming birds and that crocodiles walk the town streets at night and pick off old ladies out walking their poodles...

yep, I believed every single word LOL.... for about 2 bloody years I would tell me maties over here about the hummingbird size mossies and the crocodiles LOL