60 reasons I am excited about being SIXTY:


  1. I don’t look it – see me next year
  2. I am healthy (mostly)
  3. I am content
  4. I am mature (something I am extremely grateful for – no more hot emotions, no more being jealous or petty; just nice calm maturity)
  5. However, I can be cranky if I want to. I'm OLD.
  6. I love the person in the mirror that looks back at me.
  7. I laugh at myself way too much. And that’s perfectly fine.
  8. I am hardly ever sad.
  9. I have the bone density of a 30-year-old, so my doc tells me
  10. I am mother of two great sons that I don’t have to nag after
  11. I have dear close friends that hold secrets, tell jokes, and care deeply
  12. I laugh and laugh and laugh
  13. I’m alive
  14. I feel great
  15. I am comfortable in my skin
  16. I have become a sensitive, compassionate woman
  17. I have become an example to follow
  18. I’m a great mother-in-law and the envy of all my daughter-in-law’s friends who don’t have me as their mother-in-law
  19. I have a beautiful singing voice, especially in the shower
  20. I am 1/3 of the way through my list
  21. I look back at some of the things I write and think, boy, that was really good!
  22. I am passionate about attitude and living, truly living!
  23. I am a good listener and confidante.
  24. Not to worry when you tell me a secret; I can honestly say I have forgotten it by the next day
  25. I dance when I clean the house, usually to Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell.”
  26. Sunsets
  27. Beaches
  28. The ocean
  29. I can still climb lighthouses
  30. I am a pretty good photographer
  31. I might retire in five years; maybe not; maybe work fulfills me still
  32. I’m good with computers
  33. Babies – I look forward to being a very young in spirit Grandmother in my 60s
  34. All-you-can-eat buffet places that give senior discounts to 60 and older. I can eat those 80-year-olds under the table.
  35. I can skip exercising (well, occasionally) and blame it on "old age."
  36. I get to take naps!
  37. I can be weird and eccentric and everyone will love me anyway
  38. My eyesight is still 20-20
  39. I actually wasn't born yesterday
  40. 2/3 through my list
  41. I am wise and make less mistakes
  42. When I make mistakes I just write them off as senior moments
  43. Cats love me (they see an easy mark)
  44. I'm still active and in more ways than one
  45. You are only as old as you feel – and sometimes I feel like I'm twelve.
  46. Some days I feel like I'm 100.
  47. Life!
  48. I have God in my heart; God walks with me all day long
  49. I have a great sense of humor
  50. Other people laughing is contagious; I surround myself with laughing people
  51. I am introspective and engage in lots of soul searching and generally find good things in my soul
  52. A former boss told my current boss to hire me because I was gentle and kind; I really like being thought of as gentle and kind
  53. I have my teeth; and I floss
  54. I sleep very well
  55. I have no regrets
  56. I have at least 60 friends!
  57. 20 of my 60 friends are my very best friends forever VBFF!
  58. Today is the first day of my life, and I get to start all over again with a fresh slate; and it is the last day of my life and I get to fill it up with all kinds of adventures and experiences and memories
  59. I can still swing to the top of the bar with my feet high and my head back
  60. Wow! I'm sixty years old! Can you believe it???


Tumblewords: said...

Happy 60! I wouldn't mind having another go at that decade! Your list smacks of comfort with spurts of chuckles. Wonderful.

Silver Valley Girl said...

You have such a wonderful outlook on life. Thanks for sharing!!!

black_knight said...

i can not wait to read far more from you. this is actually terrific site.


Cindy Dy said...

Awesome there, Great work, keep it up. I love returning back to this site and reading the quality content you always have on offer.