Health Report #1

Just wanted all of you to know that I am "good" for a while. I am having tests done to start the process of going on a transplant list but my overall health is very good and that will keep me riding the fence for a while – and I pray for a long, long while. As I told a good friend, I am really good at sitting on fences. I should be a politician.

I feel the good vibes and the prayers. Thank you so much! I'll just keep on keeping on, as they say. Our minds are so powerful and our attitude is magic.



MarmiteToasty said...

This is brilliant news, your healthy old cow LMFAO


Playwright Chick said...

I am SO HAPPY to hear your health overall is very good. This will make you more viable as a transplant candidate.... and who KNOWS? The good vibes, good energy, overall health...just may HEAL YOU, dearest funny one!

When I think of you (daily - funny lady, oh-queen-that-makes-me-snort- liquid-through-my-nose-often!), I will imagine you WHOLE & HEALTHY!