The Kidneys Lost

Just to let you all know. I am officially going on dialysis tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Let’s Party – meet me on the 5th floor and we can all watch the set up.

I have chosen peritoneal dialysis as my choice – which can be done at home. For about two months, though, I will have hemo dialysis until my new little appendage is healed and in place.

The good news for me – well of course feeling tons better is that they are arranging for dialysis for me at Disneyworld in the middle of October. My four friends and I have saved for five years for this trip. I was beginning to think that I would lose out on a great trip. (The dialysis center there caters to Mickey maniacs like me.)

Thanks for all your prayers and hugs and good thoughts!!!!



Idaho Dad said...

Here are a few more good thoughts as you head to dialysis. Sounds like the trip to Disney World is coming at just the right time to raise your spirits. Disney has a way of doing that. Have a good time in Florida!

MarmiteToasty said...

lots of love and hugs coming your way from me....just think how much energy you will eventually gain from this :) - keep ya chin up girl..


Dave Laird said...

Good Lord yes, keep your chin up! There are a bunch of us out gathered on the lawn dancing the Yukapatooie health dance for you, and thus you will get healthy once again, won't you?