Must be Love

I was so ticked at my brother-in-law when he announced he was getting counseling because of my sister’s kidney disease, subsequent surgeries, and her transplant. I was flabbergasted that he would need counseling for something not happening to him. I wanted to scream at him, “but it’s US, it’s US that have this disease. Not you! How dare you!” That was ten years ago.

Then last night I saw through Mechanic Man’s eyes and I kind of got knocked in the head with the realization that what I am going through is impacting him as well. I get support from readers like you; friends in two groups – my diner’s group of friends, and the friends I have made in the Red Hats, and lately, especially, my friends through Huckleberries and Community Comment. But Mechanic Man has no support group, other than me.

Last night we were discussing my various options, all of which are the Lessor of another Evil, just can’t decide which is the least Evil. He’s petty mellow, Mechanic Man. But his eyes grew darker and more brooding. “I’m so mad!” he said. “It makes me so mad! I feel like someone is pinching my head till it pops!” And he wasn’t mad at me. He was mad at what was happening to me. He was mad because he couldn’t fix it.

And then I understood what my brother-in-law was going through.

So this is love.

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