Its a Clean Slate!

Wow! Thank God THAT's over. Yeah, thank God 2009 is over. Done. Kaput. Finis. The End. Nada. No more. I can watch 100 more new years come and go and will never, ever miss 2009.

Now on to 2010 and my list of resolutions – none of which includes losing weight.

1.Hopefully get a job on equal footing as my last job, but less hours, with benefits and lots of vacation time.
2.Write more on my blog, and write more that is funny, humorous, touching, beautiful, or poignant.
3.Stay in touch with my friends that aren't co-workers.
4.Continue doing fantastic on dialysis.
5.Maybe get a transplant.
6.Commit several random acts of kindness a week and not tell anyone about them.
7.Walk around the neighborhood every day and make new friends.
8.Take care of all the boxes in this house, make it more MY house, but keep enough of Mechanic Man's Mom to feel her presence and cherish memories of her.
9.Adopt a cat for someone else.
10.Once the house is organized, start playing the piano again.

Happy New Year and may 2010 be a magical year filled with dreams come true, wishes made real, and hopes realized.



Beth Terry said...

No no no - Start playing the piano, work on the boxes in increments. Don't wait to blog. Just write 3 or 4 sentences and put "to be continued" at the bottom of it. Then finish your thoughts the next day. And what's this "maybe" on the transplant. That's like "maybe I'll breathe tomorrow." Manifest what you want! Give yourself permission to want what you want. Don't hold back! Hey - I think I just thought of MY blog for tomorrow! LOL - Thanks!

JeanieSpokane said...

LOL! Beth, I thought of you in the middle of the night. Maybe I can turn my focus on being an inspirational speaker! (Don't worry - I'm taking baby steps, so absolutely no competition here.) And by the way - I love your pep talk!