Resolution Revision #1

On the advice of a good friend (Beth Terry):

1. Move the boxes off the piano and start playing now! (organizing the boxes can wait)
2. Don't wait to blog. Just write 3 or 4 sentences and put "to be continued" at the bottom of it.
3. Get a transplant! I am visuaizing my healthy body with a perfect match kidney!
4. Get that great job that pays well, validates me, and gives me lots of satisfaction, bliss, and. . . vacations!

"to be continued. . ."



Beth Terry said...

Good Job Jeanie! You did it! Just decide to write notes every day, even if you put them in the draft folder. That's what I've been doing. I've blogged more this last week than I did in the past 3 months!

I want for you to get your Resolutions. I'm visualizing a healthy body and a perfect match for you, too.

MarmiteToasty said...

find me a job whilst ya at it :)