Fun Without Sun

Wow! What a day. Went garage sailing (saling just doesn't look right) and while we were inside, it just whooped hail like crazy, then it stopped, we went outside, and it rained. Several people moved their stuff from the driveway and crammed in their garages and each place was like a friendly little picnic - people so glad that anyone showed up, and we were so glad to have cover. I got lots and lots of stuff! A children's tea set, a miniature Depression Glass cup and saucer, two really nice Victorian tea cup's and saucers, two salt & pepper sets for my son (vintage!), cards of antique buttons for my friend, Jeanne. Fun! Fun! Fun! Who needs sun??

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MarmiteToasty said...

blimey and we are in the middle of a glorious heatwave here.... oh how I would love to come garage saling with you, we dont really have them here, not as such, but we do have amazing carboot sales where hundreds of sellers gather in a field so you have loads to look around all in one spot :)