Pieces, Parts, and Oddities

ok, back from my parts is parts free-for-all (car parts that is), bringing many more car parts in my trunk and none of them MY car's parts. And car parts have particular, specific, exacting pieces of parts to make up the whole. But, Oh! I found two old OLD radios that Mechanic Man is trying to make work. With a little z-z-z-z-ptz here and a little z-z-z-z-ptz there. If he were bald, he'd look ok. Just sayin'

And, it's official. I am Officially Decrepit. This is a good news, bad news deal. I received my notice that I will be receiving disability. That's the good news. The bad news - I am forever locked into $400 less a month than the pitiful amount I was getting on unemployment. OMG. I think I am officially poverty stricken.

I want a recall on my census report.

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