Nuts and Bolts

I know it's not that interesting to you wonderful readers out there, but I thought I'd catch you up anyway.

You know that I have spent the last six weeks doing something I thought I would never do in my whole life - at that is sticking long, large, huge needles into my upper arm for dialysis connections. Two needles. I was working toward developing a "buttonhole" which is created by inserting the needles into the same spot over and over, about 12 times, until a channel is created much like the pierced-earring hole you got when you were at 10.

The nurse coaching me (bless her for coming out of her way Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to guide me) was disappointed that the buttonhole was not forming. Friday, what should have been my 17th day, proved unsuccessful. I tried, she tried, my tech tried - and that was that. Not happening.

So Friday was my 1st day of trying again only in two different spots and the tech is doing it instead of me.

I bawled all day long - felt like a total failure. I flunked Poke-Yourself-with-Two-15 Gauge Needles 101.

I am trying to keep an up attitude about this whole dialysis thing. It is my mini spa, after all, and I should be able to relax, put my feet up, get a pedicure and a foot massage, and come out refreshed and gearing up for a busy day.

There, you have the nuts and bolts of it.

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