It's Always Something

So this is one of those things that happens every now and then, when you are on dialysis.

It fails.

I mean - they hook you up with two needles and then discover that it's clogged or stuffed or stopped or failed.

And while they are discovering this, moving from needle to needle and then trying different spots with new needles, they say something innocuous like, "well, if she can't run today, she can come in tomorrow." What? What do you mean by "coming in tomorrow?" Do you mean I have to come in AGAIN and have two needles stabbed into me AGAIN? And then I have to come in on Wednesday to get back on track?

Anyway - that's the story. Dialysis SUCKS. Or in my case, today, DIDN'T suck.

What a pain in the tush, er, arm, er WHATEVER.

It's Always Something.

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