Junk (I mean Yard) Sales

We've gone to yet more yard sales, and Mechanic Man has made whopping deals - like a huge box of tools (that look like a lot of junk to me) for five bucks. And the huge box of similar "tools" from the "free" pile. (Free.) And the box of true junk that included a gazillion little boxes with a gazillion little bits in them. Five bucks. And now, take a look at our (what we thought was LARGE) shed - where you pull up the door and several boxes threaten to explode out at you from RIGHT THERE. (sigh) And now take a gander at the boxes by the tomatoes - which will never ripen because the sun just does not shine there any more. I ask you - there is a moral to this somewhere, but I don't know where. Is it still a deal if it's starting to sprout parts in your garden? If you run out of shelf "space," how long does the "shelf life" last? Can you ever have enough greasy parts? Can you take it with you when you die? Can Mechanic Man live to be 498 years old? Is there a sale-a-holic association? Is there room for one more?

Oh my God - I think the Hoarders TV crew is coming up the driveway!


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