Lipstick on a Pig

There it is, that ominous phrase. Kind of like "When Pigs Fly."

I do not for one nanosecond believe that Obama made that statement as a slam against Palin. It has been said before by several politicians. By McCain himself. How can that possibly relate to Palin? I am thinking the Democrats protest too much over nothing.

The glorification of Palin is a rather bleak outlook on our society in general. If you have good looks, are female, represent Mother Earth, pro-life at all costs, hunt and kill dinner for your family, and are nicknamed Barracuda, you have just qualified to run for Vice President of the United States with the 150% chance of being President within 100 days of inauguration. O boy!

How can this happen???? Does being a mayor of a small community and then governor of a sparsely populated state really give you the credentials to be, by all accounts, the President of the United States?

When we vote this fall, in just eight weeks, we really need to look at the ballot. If you are voting for McCain – think again. You are actually voting for the Vice President because his life expectancy has been greatly reduced and is much shorter than you realize.

So this morning, the news is all about the innocuous phrase, "lipstick on a pig," where Obama is referring to change in America. Not once inferring that it was directed towards Palin. But the Dems are spending all their time and energy trying to make it so. This is the stage of politics that I really truly hate. It is enough for me to not want to bother with the elections. We are in for a huge, huge change in America no matter which way we go. But I fear for our country and our soldiers in Iraq if we go McCain/Palin. I fear for our President's own life if we go Obama/Biden.

I fear for our women, too. We have just back-pedaled 30 years where exploiting women was the rule of the day. Once again we will have posters in garages, not of models in swimsuits, but politicians in high heels and - - - - - lipstick. All the news and all the blogs are covering Palin and underscoring good looks, beauty, etc. as the proof positive that men still see us as sex objects, better if we are barefoot and pregnant. We have grossly erased the impact of Roe v. Wade and will eventually lose the right to our own bodies. Again.



The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I am actually not worried that Obama would ever face a threat of assassination. And that is a fact even with the raw hatred expressed toward him for being a viable Dem candidate and an African-American. On the other hand, it isn't the Dems who have been issuing the "sexist" charge when Obama spoke of McCain and his agenda. But rather the crybaby whiners among the GOP.

JeanieSpokane said...

I read your post today, also. You are always right on and express it much better than I do. But we are on the same page. This pig thing is ridiculous!

Terry said...

I can't take credit for this one but I thought this comment I saw tonight was funny :

Mccain's got it all wrong, Palin isn't the pig, she's the lipstick.

Terry said...

I seriously had no idea Obama was going to use that line on the late show tonight.

"You realize... had I meant it that way, she would be the lipstick and Mccains failed policies would be the pig".

Cheryl said...

McCain is certainly the pig! I'm not sure what amazes more...that McCain in this day & age would so transparently 'use' a woman to prop himself, or that Palin is willing to let herself be used by McCain & the GOP. It's an obvious ploy, a pretty darn transparent greedy grab, at the 18 Million hard earned 'Hillary' votes! That Palin is willing to let herself be 'used' in this way is perfectly pathetic! Can't she see shes being a chump?

Slendarella said...

Oh, puh-lease! McCain & the GOP will say anything to keep the press off of the fact that they have NO NEW PLAN for CHANGE! Which is why they chose Palin. It's all smoke & mirrors and a bunch of little boys cryin' 'wolf' every time Obama says anything. Honestly, Obama could say, "God bless America" and McCain would twist even that into something skeevy. cheesh! Palin is the sacrifical lamb that's not smart enough to know she's on a spit over a fire. sorry, just my two and a half cents. Slendie

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely astounded at the lack of respect we give to pigs. I mean, after all, they do give us bacon. Don't we all love the smell of bacon in the morning ? Additionally, can you imagine a "BLT" without bacon ?


How about bean with bacon soup ? Pretty boring soup without the salty porkers. I am sure the Bacon-Bit lobby is also very concerned about these items.
I demand that we, as a society, give more love and respect to pigs. They give their lives for us and ask only for an occasional mud bath. They are heroes to us all(-:
Similar to the american indians who do not like their names used for sports teams...I propose the following. A NEW NAME for pigs ! How about "snarvik" ? I like the sound of that. What do you guys/gals think ? That would make a BLT an "SLT", which would be much more truth in advertising if you think about it.
From reading this blog, I suppose that I am the only one here voting for McCain. To be honest, it used to be because I respect McCains war heroism and his ability to ruffle Republican feathers. As a lifelong GOPer, I always agreed with McCains pro-environmental record. Now, I have a new reason to support McCain. I think it is important to have women involved in high positions in politics. Women are less likely to invade countries and send soldiers off to war. They have a record of being less corruptable than men in general. Women care more about family issues than men do.
Is being sexy a bad thing ?

I think Jeanie is sexy.
Does that make me a male chauvenist ? (sneaky huh?)(-:
Those are my thoughts.

David E.

PS....I had a weird political dream last night. Normally my dreams involve more interesting subjects....like an action movie in the vortex of the cerebral cortex. In my dream I was "Lobbying" a governor from Alaska. Kinda strange huh ?
~Just teezin ya~
Elton Out (time for my meds again)