Saving Daylight Time After Time

I go through this every year – the time change. Twice a year we go through this ordeal of having Daylight Savings Time and then NOT having Daylight Savings Time. Isn't it a bit incongruous that "daylight savings" would END just as winter starts??? Shouldn't we have more light in winter, not less? And the little sayings: "Spring forward, Fall back" just doesn't work for me. I have this weird visual mindset – and I can never remember if it's that phrase or my own self-acclimated phrase (because I am naturally weird) of "Spring back, fall forward" which is how I go through life. I spring. I trip. I skip. I fall. I start up again. And I never ever fall back – that's kind of like quitting. So, here we go. Only five more evenings of light while I travel home. Next week, a week from today, those who haven't sent in their ballots will be voting in the dark. Is that a Freudian slip???


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MarmiteToasty said...

Our clocks went back last Saturday...... see, us Brits are always that one step in front of you doodles lmfao..