You know it is almost winter, because. . . . .

1) Your coat is buried in the back of the closet and you just don't want to break down and really admit that winter is coming, so you wear your black sweater that really doesn't stave off the cold.
2) You were saving all those luscious tomatoes on the vine so you could process them next weekend and this morning you woke up to discover a killer frost came through at 22 degrees and zapped them all to shiny, transparent, globes ready to rot right there on the vine.
3) Your tires look ok to you but you know if you put good snow tires on or even studded tires, it won't snow for ten years but if you leave them alone, we'll have a record blizzard before our children make it out the door to go Trick or Treating.
4) You have a gas furnace from hell and it takes someone with an iron will and total lack of caring for their life to light the dang thing without it exploding in your face, so you bring out the little bathroom space heater and try to heat the entire house while sitting in front of it enveloped in your king-sized comforter.
5) You think seriously about starting a fire in the bathtub and just living in the bathroom.
6) You have ten foot high piles of leaves waiting for your summer lawn guy to get in gear and start winterizing your home for $10 a day. What do you expect???
7) You start to brush your teeth and discover the water has frozen in all the lines
8) You move in with your significant other because he is a big hot teddy bear and you just don't need all this get-warm stuff. It's built in!

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