Run Away With Me

O boy it’s Friday. 4:34. I’ve got my tennis shoes on and in the ready to run out the door at full blast position. I am tired of this week. Now on to the weekend.

I have garage sales to go to and things to poke around in and other people’s junk to buy as my new treasures.

Mechanic Man found me an old, old very tall book case to hold my thousands of books, and now it’s time to seek out more at yard sales and garage sales and estate sales. It’s in the shed that holds the freezer right now for want of space inside the house but I am seriously considering the few steps from the door to the shed could be considered exercise and I may put my books in the shed with the freezer. Except it is a nice old antique-looking book case that I would like to show off.

And more yard sales to find things to stuff in my book case because book cases are NOT just for books. So boring. No. Book cases are perfect for tea cup collections and glass animal collections and owl collections and old musty-smelling leather bound book collections about nothing I have ever read.

My sneakers are squeaking in anticipation.



MarmiteToasty said...

Oh I LOVE carboot sales, we dont really have garage sales here as such, but sellers pack up their cars and all congregate in a field designated for a 'sunday carboot' along with sometimes 100s of other people doing the same, ya unload the contents out of the boot of ya car on a 'bought along table' and then hundreds of buyers decend upon the field and and buy ya rubbish...... Ive done a few in me time with maties and we have had such a laff, but I LOVE going to them and finding treasures, only our carboots sometimes aint that cheap, people dont let things go for pennies anymore.....

I cant wait until Im well enough and mobile enough to be able to go carbooting again..... I hate being stuck in this house 24 hours a day..... been 6 weeks now.... :(


MarmiteToasty said...

ps...... the old bookcase NEEDS to be filled with treasures besides books :)