Will New Health Plan Cover Me?

So, I start the process of getting on a transplant list tomorrow. It’s a real big deal! I have a typed up schedule of all the different procedures I’m going to have, along with a map of all the locations these procedures will take place. In fact, I have four pages of maps of Sacred Heart Medical Center. I will be visiting one of the parking garages (that’s plural), the Women’s Health Center, Lower Level 1 on the west end, then Lower Level 2 on the east end, then center, then to Lower Level 3 and they’ll treat me to breakfast if I can find the cafeteria, then the 3rd floor in the Doctor’s Building which appears to be next to the garage I’ll aim for.

I’ll have a marathon bloodletting at dawn, and somewhere in there I will have “tissue typing.” Along with CT scan, ultra sound, chest x-ray, another ultrasound, skin tests, echocardiogram – all in one fun day. I am only worried about the “tissue typing.” I mean – “tissue.” Is that like scraping skin off of me??? What’s the difference between skin typing and skin tests? Or are the skin tests to see what happened with the skin scrapings earlier in the day?

I’m taking the day off – maybe I should take Friday, too. After all, I might have no skin by Friday. I’ll definitely be low on blood.

I have a questionnaire to fill out too. “Potential Kidney Donors.” And a big blank space to fill in all my friends’ names. It’s here where I hesitate. How deep and true must a friendship be to ask one friend to go under the knife for another and end up with one working kidney? Yikes. I’m afraid I’m leaving my space empty.



raymond pert said...

I'll be with you in my thoughts and fervent prayers. Bless You.

MarmiteToasty said...

(((JeanieS))) I'll be thinking of you today as ya get ya skin scraped :).... you will look line a piece of cod LOL...

know I will be thinking of you....... my dear friend Ruth only last week went for all her kidney transplant testing last Friday, only she is already on dialisis (sp) ya dont get a chance for a transplants over here until you have spent years on dialisis and ya kidneys are on their last legs, as hers are, just not enough of them kidneys to go around.... :(

They do it so different in America... maybe thats a good thing, to get one on the list before things go down hill....

You can have one of mine if you like LOL....

and to show my support, I wont be eating 'steak and kidney pudding' no more :)

know you are loved...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Marmite Toasty
Jeanie, everybody loves you and your sweet soul.
God Bless
David Elton

Anonymous said...

Jeanie, I hope your tests went as well as can be expected. I've gone through all those tests within the last 4-5 months except the skin typing. Fortunately, the others were not painful. You are in my prayers and mega good thoughts & wishes are coming your way.
Chatterbox (aka Chemo-Sabie)