The boys are growing faster and faster
every day, it seems.
They have moved up from Teddy Bears, trucks, and Lego’s,
Their interests now lie in girls,
How to get them
How to avoid them.
And pimples,
How do you get them
How to avoid them
I enjoy their height, their long arms and gangly legs.
But I miss the winters of their infancy,
Their little tiny bodies stuffed into all kinds of woollies,
Mittens, and gloves, and hats, and boots,
And snow pants, and over-coats,
Waddling waist deep in the snow,
Looking like creatures from Star Wars, like Ewoks.
Here they are, taller than me,
Growing taller,
Walking always out the door
Someday to have fat little Ewoks of their own.
ages 6 and 7

(c) D. Jean Buchanan

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Rose said...

Jeanie, I really enjoyed your poem. Children grow so fast don't they?