To be organized is to be "prepared, planned, ordered, controlled, well thought-out, structured."

All things I am not.

I have many bosses and I get their baggage too (their specialized assistants). I find files, search for files, file files, pull files, close files (in your dreams). They ALL keep their files that they are working on in order received – which is NOT alphabetical or numerical! They also have mysterious piles of files in stacks on chairs, tables, couches, floor and any space in their office that is big enough for a new pile. I blitz through each office daily and try to memorize the various locations of a myriad of files that are in no sensible order.

My biggest hurdle though is being organized. Ha! And how do I make each one of those bosses and each one of those specialized assistants feel like they are primo number one, top dog, big kahuna, king/queen of the universe?

What I am is higgledy-piggledy. And, yes, that is in the dictionary!

At the end of the day, this is how I feel:


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