President Obama!

Yes We Can!

Wow! What a phenomenal day Election Day was! Even my significant other who voted for McCain felt an emotional high at realizing that history, extraordinary, unparalleled, over the top, history was being made right in front of his eyes.

I felt that McCain's speech was very gracious and exceptional. He was genteel and kind. In the end, he asked the nation to unite as one. That's, bottom line, all I want, too.

While he was talking so magnanimously, it occurred to me that if his campaign was run in the same way – with kindness, generosity, talking about his issues and his platform – if his campaign would have left out any of the negative and questionable non-facts on Obama, this could have been a very tight race. He could have been a contender.

I think Obama is a very kind man, very steadfast and constant in his determined effort to relentlessly overcome hurdles and obstacles in his way. He never went down to the gutter level of the innuendos and smears hurled at him. He stepped over them. I imagine that is how he will handle his presidency, too. He will not mire himself in rumors – he will instead keep his eye on the goal of unifying our country, healing many rifts. I truly believe he will have a very positive impact on not just our country but on the world. He inspires me!

I came to work this morning and I, too, received an email from Barak, thanking me for my donation to his campaign. What did I donate? $25. That's all. $25. That is where the millions came from that supported his campaign – from average people like me.

Yes We Can!



al said...

And all I want to hear about Sarah Palin is she has returned to Alaska and is now standing on her porch gazing at Russia wondering where it all went wrong.

tumblewords said...

Well said! I'm glad we CAN!

Cheryl said...

Hooray, Hooray for it was a truly great and gratifying day! I feel Pres-Elect Obama will move us forward and upward. I am so encouraged that we chose him to lead us! Lead on, lead on!