Don't Touch That Dial

There is a double standard in two-car families. Have you noticed? My mate has a car (or three or four) and a truck. I am "allowed" to drive his car, with the firm stipulation that I cannot touch anything in it except the steering wheel. It is verboten! However, once every six months, HE will drive my car (I own one and only one) and the next time I am at the wheel – everything, I mean EVERYTHING, has been changed. The side windows that I spent 30 minutes to a week trying to get just right, the rear view mirror, the seat (I'm 5'2" and he is so much taller than me that clouds are around his head), and the radio (which now plays country while I listen to oldies). I never change the station. Ever. I don't even know my station's call numbers. I again spend a week or more trying to "seek" my station. I finally found it and put it in memory. But the thing with the side mirrors drives me crazy – I have to be driving to see that they are adjusted right. I think there is a law against people (especially non-multi-taskers like me) driving 60 miles per hour while fiddling with the side mirror adjustment button on the left while looking in the side view mirror on the right to see if the vehicle is really closer than it appears, and that it isn't MY car's right rear fender. It's one thing to ask you guys to return the toilet seat to the "sitting" position – when you get that managed, would you please train yourself to do the same when it comes to your mate's car? It gives new meaning to "he really knows how to push my buttons."

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Jen said...

I've gotten used to moving the seat up after my much taller husband drives my car. But the mirror thing gets me, too.