Working Mother's Lament

Working Mother's Lament

Hectic mornings are such a common thing,
Rise and shine,
Fly to the kitchen, start the oatmeal,
But one son wants Cheerios instead.
He gets oatmeal (and a kiss),
But, he’d rather have Cheerios.
Fly to the bathroom, brush their hair, their teeth,
don't forget to brush my own hair, own teeth.
Put make-up on, rush to find one son’s lost shoe,
(it’s somewhere. . .)
Lay out boys’ clothes, ask them kindly to dress themselves
For a change.
Rush to my room, dress in whatever is still clean,
Must remember to wash clothes (tonight, maybe).
Rush to their room, they’re not dressed.
Please get dressed,
And find your shoe!
Rush to car, warm it up, rush back to bedroom,
Bend down, get them dressed
(but I won’t do it tomorrow),
And find lost shoe.
Socks don't match, maybe no one will notice.
Rush car through town, nobody is likewise rushing.
Leave sons off at sitter after two hugs, two kisses, two loves.
Arrive at office, coffee, relax, remember. . . .
I forgot to tie their shoes,
But I tied mine in a double knot.

Ages 6 & 7

(c) D. Jean Buchanan

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