I am surrounded by "stuff"

I have had to unload my desk at work to get ready to move to another, much smaller, cubicle on another floor. So, I came in this weekend and filled eight boxes of "stuff" from my desk. Half of it was work related, so I don't feel too bad about THAT. However, the other half was all personal – knickknacks, figurines, stuffed animals (so professional, don't ya think?), collectible tea cups, pictures, a wall full of ribbons that I have saved over the past ten years from every present and flower I have received. Stuff. Bits and pieces of things that have nothing to do with my job as a secretary. My life and personality lives on and in my desk and is now crammed into four banker's boxes. I have marked them "GO HOME" and am debating whether I should take them to my new cubicle, which is where I will be settled for most of my waking day, thus "home" away from home. Or take them HOME to my house.

The only drawback will be that nobody will know it is ME that sits in that cubicle – no signs of my passions, my possessions, my personality. The advantage will be that if I should {gulp} get a pink slip for whatever dire reason, I can simply pick up my purse and walk out the door. No packing! No having the office manager stand over me while I take four hours to unload my non-work-related "stuff."



Anonymous said...

Maybe this doesn't require an "all or nothing" solution. Maybe your new cubicle deserves to be inhabited by your "Top 10" so that you can interject your space with YOU. That way, you can pack up those top 10 items in a jiffy, but you still get to be surrounded by happy stuff. And maybe your "Top 10" can change - rotate some other items in as you please. It could be fun! :)

Idaho Escapee said...

I hope the 'smaller cubicle' isn't a demotion of some sort. I try to stay away from cubicles.

MarmiteToasty said...

does your new cubicle make you a square? LOL


al said...

I used to give my wife flowers ... alot. She told me once that the flowers are so beautiful, but that then they die and that's so sad ... so I stopped. Then I started giving her flowers again, except I'd tie a stuffed animal to them. I always sent these to her work as surprises. I'd never realized how many I'd sent until one day she had to clean her office out and came home with boxes full of stuffed animals; and those were the one's she chose not to leave.