Some of my best friends are men

I have several groups of friends who are women. A prayer group. A red hat group. A group of women who have been meeting once a month for dinner for 30 years. And I have a few good men who are very special friends. All my friends support me and listen to me, but it is especially endearing and eye-opening to get input from my men friends on, well, MEN. You guys think WE are difficult to understand. Hoo boy. Anyway – my heart has a soul mate in a man friend who continually lifts me up and buoys my spirit and inflates my pitiful self esteem – and answers so logically my perplexing questions about what makes a man tick. I am blessed!



MarmiteToasty said...

Should I be buying a hat? :)


JeanieSpokane said...

Marmite. . . only if you have flowers in it. :) And your four sons qualify as your men best friends, don't you think?

Love you!!


Cheryl said...

I have one of those wonderful men friends too! Hooray for those wonderful men friends! I happened to be lucky and got to marry my best man friend (2nd marriage was the charm for me!). I like to call him Magic Man - but he is more than just my hubby, he is my very best friend, someone who listens to me, tells me I'm beautiful (eventhough I'm much rounder these days), someone who makes me split my side laughing, snort wine through my nose, still flirts with me and is a great authority on what makes the weirder sex (and by weird, I mean MEN!) tick! Ah, men who are our own true friends are the best! They are a gift! Cher

David Elton said...

Dear Jeanie,
On behalf of the weirder sex, as Cheryl calls us MEN, I would like to formally apologize for....

1) Leaving the seat up
2) Watching too much sports
3) Belching (and the contests too)
4) Leaving socks on the floor
5) Sex as a sprint(not a marathon)
6) Farting (and the contests too)
7) Allergies to Oprah
8) Not listening closely (see#2)
9) Interminable lists like this(-:
At least we are good for.....
1) Taking out the garbage
2) Changing the oil
Tell me again, why do you gals put up with our Fred-Flintstone-isms ?
David Elton
Spokane, WA

Cheryl said...

David: The fact that you would take the initiative to apologize to the fairer sex for the weirder sex, indicates you must be one of the 'enlightened ones'!

Bravo & cheers! Cher