A New Kind of Wedding

This weekend my two sons and the younger son's wife will fly to San Francisco for an event that is historical in our family. Their father is getting married to his soulmate, another man. The times, they have been a'changin', that's for sure. I guess I did something right in raising my boys to appreciate their father as an intelligent and compassionate man and not berate him for choosing a different lifestyle.

What do you get for a gay couple's wedding if one of them is your ex?



Kendra said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. Um, therapy?

Cheryl said...

You should get them a sturdy frying pan. The new 'wife' may need to use it on your old husband...because the more things change, the more they stay the same! Tee hee!

I too have an ex who is gay, but he refuses to admit it and married another woman - who went out and had an affair with a married man who was married to a work pal of mine. The new wife claims 'he' won't have sex with her. He wouldn't with me either. My gay pal from college would always see this ex hubby in gay bars too. At least your ex got on the right track.

Wish them well....but buy that frying pan! Cher

Anonymous said...

WoW...2 people who had a former "mate" change teams. What are the odds of that ? Did you both ask the age old question ? (Was it me?) I think I would go nutty if I had a former turn into a switch hitter. That would rattle around my brain for a year or two. Do you go back and think of the signs you might have missed ? I know I would. I have a few friends that are gay and I quiz them...."Dude, how could you go that way....women are much more beautiful and artistic than us beer-belchers". Then they give me that look as if I am out of the loop, not having learned some secret the universe had hidden from me eons ago.
Jeanie, does your gaydar malfunction like mine ? When I lived in WA DC(96-98), I found this incredible bar where they let me play the piano....and everybody was friendly. The bartender gave me free drinks all the time. I had no clue until a friend joined me there and asked me if I knew it was a gay bar. I then experienced shock and awe. I had always thought it was a bunch of guys that worked on capital hill and simply loved the bar for it's nearness to the senate. I later cracked up at the fact one of the frequenters was a high level Newt Gingrich staffer.
The gift ? Although it might now be too late, why not make it a funny play on stereotypes and get them the greatest hits...
Streisand (Yentil is perfect)
*Include a gift certificate for getting the nails/pedicure etc.....Then, of course, front row seats at "Phantom" (maybe some funky-named potpourri)...and to top it all off, since Christmas is coming...FRUITCAKE ! (-:
These are all tongue in cheek, btw

David Elton

PS...I love the thread on cell phones....Brilliant ! Well written stuff here Jeanie...KUDOS