Is Forgiveness Overrated?

Well, the verdict was made. The evil Duncan has been sentenced to death and now we will sit on our hands waiting for the outcome of the automatic appeal and hope that he will waive his rights.

I have just finished reading William Young's The Shack and the theme throughout is forgiveness and being filled with God's love. The main character, Mack, is asked by God (Papa) to forgive the man who kidnapped and murdered his daughter. Mack could do this, with 100% help from God.

On this side of reality, can Dylan's dad forgive Duncan, who not only kidnapped him (and his sister) but sexually tortured him for more than 37 DAYS, and then shot him twice, in front of his sister, and then burned his body to the point that investigators were only able to retrieve a hatful of pieces of bone and hair?

Could you, as a parent, FORGIVE this man?????

I could not. As much as I walk with God, talk with Him, try to give everything to Him - asking me to forgive my child's murderer and the methods of the murder is too much. I hope I never have to walk down this path.


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