The Shack; God in me

I have finished reading William P. Young's "The Shack". I am absolutely blown away by this book. There should be an inscription in the front saying, "Dedicated to Jeanie [fill in your name] because I am especially fond of you. Love, Papa (God)."

This book touches my heart like no other. It answers questions about some senseless tragedies that have happened to me personally, to friends, to the world.

I will be participating in a book study with the newspaper blog, Huckleberries, on Monday. I have just finished the book and I'm ready to dive in for a second reading.

I encourage you to get your own copy and participate at Huckleberries.

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Scott Johnson said...

What is so interesting about the book and possibly one reason it is receiving so much attention is it dares to cross conventional thinking in the way we have understood God in the past. Our stereotypical concepts for how we see God has stopped us from seeing Him in some instances as a loving, caring person who wants to connect with His kids.

Grant it you will be challenged and enlightened as you read through the storyline. One interesting and somewhat controversial comment Paul Young makes in his book is sure to make a lot of people think differently about a cliche we have been throwing around in the church for years. It is found on page 149, Paul writes in Jesus' words "My Life Was Not Met To Be An Example That You Can Copy". For years, we the Christian community have held onto the idea that Jesus' life or "behavior" was to be followed. We have all heard and even used the cliche "What would Jesus do?" or WWJD for short.

We have seen it on bracelets and tee shirts for years. Problem is that when you look at it from a new covenant aspect it you would never hear Jesus tell us to mimic his behavior. Instead Jesus would tell us that we are to mimic or copy the relationship he experienced with the Father through the Holy Spirit. It is out of this relationship that behavioral issues, difficulties and temptation finds answers, not through some pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality. Bottom line is that this book will challenge old belief systems that probably need to be challenged. Only then can you truly experience Christ as life, which beats religion any day!

Scott Johnson

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